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 93  In and out Indonesia during COVID    
92  Memories of Mr. Nakamura    
 91  Nostalgic Indonesian popos (singers)    
 90  Nostalgic Indonesian popos (songs)    
 89  Patters of Java Batik    
 88  History of Samdura Pasai Kingdom    
 87 History of Chinese in North Sumatra     
86 Massaccure at Bagangsi apiapi
85 Wali Songo and People Surrounding them 2015/11/20 Wali Songo and Chinese people surrounding them
84 Fall of Majapahit kingdom and Islamization of Indonesia
83 Background of emmigation of Chinese to Indonesia
82 Religions by Indonesian and Japanese
81 1740 Batavia Massacre Geger Pecinan 1740
80 Brantas Project at Present
79 Palace Museum in Medan
78 Candi Boko
77 Introduction to history of Indonesia
76 Living Expenditure in Jakarta 2013/4/20 Estimation of living expenditure for middle class people in Jakarta
75 Candi Muaro Jambi 2012/8/16 Introduction to Muaro Jambi Temples
74 Candi Muaro Takus 2012/4/19 Introductions to Muara Takus Temples
73 Cintaku Indonesia I published a book in Japanese Language about Indonesia?
72 Inscriptions in National Museum 2013/4/25 Inscriptions in National Museum in Jakarta (Meseum Gaja) pdf.version
71 Cycling in Kebayoran Baru 2011/5/9 Let's go cycling in Jakarta
70 Name of Origin for Indonesian Islands 2010/12/15 Where did name of island come?
69 Elementary School in 1992 2010/7/22 School children in Pejaten Pasar Minggu 1992
68 Blok M 1992 2010/7/19 Working Children in Blok M in 1992
67 Indonesian Wooden Boats 2010/7/15 Wooden boats in Indonesia for trading and fishery
66 Growing Indonesian Economy In Japanese only (Rapid Indonesian economic growth)
65 Indonesia and Spiritual Society In Japanese only (How spiritual Indonesian life is!)
64 Lembah Bujang - Srivijaya In Japanese only (Ruins in Kedah Malaysia. May this be a ruin of Srivijaya?)
63 Betawi Village in Jakarta In Japanese only (The lost village of Betawi at center of Jakarta)
62 Dukun in Banten In Japanese only (A specialist of bloodletting in Banten)
61 Introduction of West Sumatra 2010/6/5 In Japanese only (Culture of Minang people and their lives)
60 From Jakarta to Bandar Lampung In Japanese only (Let us go to Sumatra by bus and ferry boat!)
59 Indonesian Way of Thinking In Japanese only (Why does the Indonesian thinks in that way?)
58 Travel in Java Island In Japanese only (Travel records in Java Island)
57 To Jakarta by China Air Line In Japanese only (No more China Airline to Jakarta)
56 A Japanese in Jakartain In Japanese only (An amature Japanese photographer in Jakarta)
55 Exodus from Jakarta 1998 In Japanese only (Records of exodust at Jakarta riot 1998)
54 Where was Srivijaya Kingdom? In Japanese only (Palembang was not the capital of Srivijaya empire!)
53 Interview to Wali Songo In Japanese only (Imaginary interview to Wali Songo)
52 Manusia Jawa (Javanese People) In Japanese only (Character of Javanese)
51 Remains of King Joyoboyo 2015/7/2 King Jayabaya and his Prophecy (English and Indonesian)
50 Jakarta 1978 and 2010 2015/5/24 Rebival photo of Jakarta in 1978 and 2010
49 Misterious Site in Madiun 2008/2/2 In Japanese only (Situ Sewulan)
48 Royal Horse Carriages in Surakarta 2015/5/24 Royal horse carriages in Palaces in Surakarta City
47 Sededo Waterfall & Candi Ngetos 2015/5/24 Sededo Waterfall, petilasan & Candi nearby Nganjuk
46 Alas Ketonggo 2015/5/24 Place for Meditation at Gunung Lawu near Ngawi
45 Situ Menggung 2015/5/21 Place for Meditation at Gunung Lawu near Tawangmanggu (Candi Airlangga)
44 Vihara Lawu 2015/5/21 Chinese temple at Gunung Lawu near Comorosewu
43 Pringgondani 2015/05/06 Holly Bathing Place at Gunung Lawu
42 Bojoroyo In Japanese only (Eyang Bojoroyo)
41 Candi Penataran In Japanese only (Site visit reports)
40 Petirtaan Dewi Sri 2015/04/28 An archeological site in Magetan
39 Steam Locos in Madiun 2015/04/28 Photos of steam locos for sugar factory in Madiun, East Jawa
38 Fountain at Madiun In Japanese only (Umbul - Madiun)
37 Nyai Roro Kidul 2015/04/25 Photos and writing about Nyai Roro Kidul
36 Javanese snacks In Japanese only (Javenese regular snacks)
35 Champa and Majapahit In Japanese only (Ocean Silkroad and relationship between Java and Vietnam)
34 Gunung Lawu and Gua Putri In Japanese only (Mount Lawu and Putri cave)
33 Candi Cetha again In Japanese only (Site visit report)
32 Trowulan Archeological Museum Golden Era of Java "Majapahit" Archeological site
31 Leco Lanang In Japanese only (Site visit report)
30 South Coast of Java In Japanese only (Site seeing report)
29 Gunung Kawi In Japanese only (Site visit report)
28 Candi Cetha In Japanese only (Site visit report)
27 Sam Po Kong at Semarang 2015/04/02 Monument of Zheng He's great voyages in Semarang
26 Monument of Eruption of Krakatau 2010/6/5 Site visit report on monument of eruption of volcano Krakatau 1883
25 Mud Volcano Lapindo (Lumpur Panas) 2015/04/05 Site visit report on hot mud spring at Sidoarjo
24 Pateh Jonoto (Ganesha) 2015/04/05 Ganesha in Karang Kates in East Jave
23 Candi Badut In Japanese only (Site visit report)
22 Candi Sukuh 2015/04/11 Photos at Candi Sukuh in Central Java (Site visit report)
21 Tongue of Thunder = Polished Stoneware 2015/04/11 Stone article like polished stoneware.
20 Pugungraharjo Archeological Park 2015/04/07 Remainder in Lampung Sumatra
19 Feel in Tokyo! 2015/05/21 Commuter Train in Jakarta
18 Why does Javanese afraid of Sea 2006/07/02 In Japanese only (Trauma from Glacier Era)
17 Blok M Changing 2015/04/03 Development of Melawai Area
16 Indonesian Jokes 2006/04/01 Collected over 20 years (In Japanese only)
15 Advertisement in Jakarta 2015/04/03 Advertisement on street in Bintaro residential area
14 Discover Indonesian Wanders 2006/03/31 In Japanese only (Essays about Indonesia from the bottom of society)
13 Java and Islam 2006/03/13 In Japanese only (Religion, Tribe and Climate)
12 Train Time Table in Java Island 2021/10/03 Indonesian Railway Corp. Time Table in Java Island. valid 2021 Oct
11 Sound of Jakarta 2015/04/03 Sound in Jakarta 1970th
10 Process of Batik Kayu 2015/04/08 Introduction of process of batic painting on woodcraft
9 Japanese School Textbook for Niseis 2003/07/04 In Japanese only
8 Railway in West Sumatra 2015/04/03 Special rail and Pesantren (Islamic School) wooden building
7 Twin Lake in West Sumatra 2003/03/16 Danau Diatas, Danau Dibawah photos
6 Jakarta in 1942 2015/04/03 Extract of an old book for introduction of Java Island
5 HalalBiHalal Dec-06-2002 2002/12/6 Gathering of Family members of Indonesian
4 Bali Terror Photos 2015/04/03 In Japanese only (October 18, 2001 at Bali Bomb from friend)
3 Land Transportation in Jakarta 2015/04/05 Public transportation from train to tricycle
2 Use Electricity in Indonesia 2002/07/28 Check before inserting plug to receptacle!
1 Megawati = Soekarno = Dewi 2015/04/01 Photos of funeral service of the last President Sukarno

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